1. Elephant Symbolizes Wisdom (wise). Faithful (Loyal), Smart (Smart/brainly). When you have a heart wise, then of course make him Loyal, automatically become a good Team Worker, of course not afraid of changes and keep learning to be smart in facing all the challenges of change times, in pursuit of mutual success.
  2. Elephant is one of the native animals of Sumatra which is in accordance with the place of establishment of the Company.
  3. Elephants are dominant creatures in the world, in accordance with Persero's aspiration to become a Leader Player in the industry National Oil and Gas, especially in the field of WOWS.
  4. Gold color on elephants, symbolizing genuine purity (noble intentions in work), becomes a good investment profitable like precious metals for all stakeholders and investors, and timeless face the changing times.
  5. The color red reflects tenacity and firmness, as well as courage in facing various kinds of difficulties.
  6. The green color reflects environmentally friendly energy resources.
  7. Blue color reflects reliable, trustworthy, and responsible.
  8. The black color reflects the down-to-earth nature, caring for workers and partners